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Nail Care

Acrylic Nails - Full Set $30 | Fill $18
Standard acrylic system providing strength and durability over your natural nails.

Silk Wrap - Full Set $50 | Fill $35
This adds strength and length to the nail. Also though applied on top of natural nails, wraps are most commonly used to strengthen tips.

Gel Powder - Full Set$35 | Fill $25
Non-brittle, strong, sturdy, durable, shiny glass finish.

White & Pink Acrylics - Full Set $45 | Fill $35

Pink $22
White acrylic is applied at the nails tips and pink acrylic is applied at the nail beds, creating a permanent "French" manicure. Strong, sturdy, and non-yellowing.

Colored Acrylics Powder - Full Set $50 | Fill $25
Our colored acrylic powders offer superior strength, longevity and flexibility through advanced cross linking of polymers when applied.

Extra Services
Acrylic Nails Remove  $10
Toes Polish Change  $10
Hand Polish Change  $8
Nail Repair $3+
Design $3
French Tip $5


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